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I am a certified biologist with a Doctor in Sciences (D.Sc.) degree (focus: immunology/inflammation) with several years of labratory research experience. I am also a freelance scientific translator and editor working from home in Northern Portugal, with two free spirits flourishing under my wings.

Since I lived in so many different places while I was growing up, learning languages and how to use them in their cultural context became part of my everyday life - and has been since.

Similarly, I have always had great interest in understanding the phenomena of life and nature at a deeper level. Eventually, I chose to study biology at the University of Osnabrück and concluded the course with a specialization in animal physiology.

I then continued pursuing my academic career in my birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I began my docotral thesis in the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, headed by the incredible immunologist Dr. Julio Scharfstein.

Lipid body count
Counting lipid bodies in human eosinophils at the Laboratory of Inflammation, UFRJ, Brazil.*

Our research-path then led us to enter a co-tutoring collaboration with Dr. Christianne Bandeira de Melo at the Laboratory of Inflammation of the same university, which is where I elaborated my final thesis.

During the years of my academic activity, I grew in terms of collegiality, teamwork, laboratory research, scientific writing and lecturing.

Years later, I decided to raise my children in a safe environment where they were welcome to join me at any time. I remembered that I had helped my colleagues many a time with improving or even translating their scientific manuscripts.

Thus, in 2012, I began a longstanding relationship with American Journal Experts (AJE; Durham, NC, USA), working as a freelance translator in the language combination Portuguese-English.

Even though it has always been a pleasure to work for AJE, I never got used to not being able to interact with the authors of the work I was translating. Sometimes, a simple “can you provide me a reference paper on this topic?” is all that is needed to go from a generic translation to highly specific and accurate wording. For me, there was only one logical solution: to become independent and work directly with my clients.

Working on a translation
Working in my favorite spot in my garden.**

So this is me today, ready to engage in a collaboration with scientists to polish and, if need be, translate their manuscript, so it can be seen for what it is: high-quality research.

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Scientific Activity

Learn more about the projects I participated in and the course programs of my degrees.

Major Projects

phagocytizing eosinophil
Rare snapshot of an eosinophil phagocytizing a neutrophil. Granulocytes purified from human peripheral blood.*

The Role of Bradykinin and Substance P in Eosinophil and Basophil activation / Laboratory of Inflammation

2008 - 2010, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Intensive research on human and murine granulocytes in the field of pharmacological immunology using methods of biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, among others.

The Effect of Bradykinin on Prostate Cancer Cells via Induction of Cysteine Protease Secretion / Laboratory of Molecular Immunology

2006 - 2008, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Basic research on the intracellular response to hormone stimulation in cancer cell lines in the field of oncology using methods of cell biology, proteomics, biochemistry, biophysics, live in vivo and in vitro imaging, etc.

Manduca sexta
Manduca sexta midgut stained for subunit C of the V-ATPase. Fluorescent immunohistochemistry.*

Interactions of biomolecules with Manduca sexta V-ATPase / Department of Animal Physiology

2004 - 2005, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Initiation in scientific research in the fields of animal physiology and microbiology, using an exceptionally broad range of research methods of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbiology and biophysics.

Collaborations with colleagues from the Center of Health Sciences of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Pulmonary diseases in animal models to assess lung remodeling after therapy

Laboratory of Pulmonary Investigation

Several projects of in-depth studies on pulmonary diseases in different animal models to understand the impact of therapy through exercise, mesenchymal stem cell therapy etc. on lung remodeling.

DE ARAÚJO CC, MARQUES PS, SILVA JD, SAMARY CS, DA SILVA AL, HENRIQUES I, ANTUNES MA, DE OLIVEIRA MV, GOLDENBERG RC, MORALES MM, ABREU I, DIAZ BL, ROCHA NN, CAPELOZZI VL, ROCCO PR (2016). "Regular and moderate aerobic training before allergic asthma induction reduces lung inflammation and remodeling." Scand J Med Sci Sports 26(11):1360-1372.

SAMARY CDOS S, ANTUNES MA, SILVA JD, SILVA AL, ARAÚJO CC, BAKKER-ABREU I, DIAZ BL, FERNEZLIAN S, PARRA ER, CAPELOZZI VL, SILVA PL, LAPA E SILVA JR, ROCCO PR (2013). "Impact of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Moreau vaccine on lung remodeling in experimental asthma." Respir Physiol Neurobiol 189(3):614-23.

MARON-GUTIERREZ T, SILVA JD, ASENSI KD, BAKKER-ABREU I, SHAN Y, DIAZ BL, GOLDENBERG RC, MEI SH, STEWART DJ, MORALES MM, ROCCO PR, DOS SANTOS CC (2013). "Effects of mesenchymal stem cell therapy on the time course of pulmonary remodeling depend on the etiology of lung injury in mice." Crit Care Med 41(11):E319-33.

DE ARAÚJO CC, SILVA JD, SAMARY CS, GUIMARÃES IH, MARQUES PS, OLIVEIRA GP, DO CARMO LG, GOLDENBERG RC, BAKKER-ABREU I, DIAZ BL, ROCHA NN, CAPELOZZI VL, PELOSI P, ROCCO PR (2012). "Regular and moderate exercise before experimental sepsis reduces the risk of lung and distal organ injury." J Appl Physiol 112(7):1206-14.

Eosinophil activation in the context of prostaglandin D2-mediated signaling

Laboratory of Inflammation of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Receptor-dependent prostaglandin (PG) D2-mediated eosinophil activation, and esoinophils as a source of PGD2.

MESQUITA-SANTOS FP, BAKKER-ABREU I, LUNA-GOMES T, BOZZA PT, DIAZ BL, BANDEIRA-MELO C (2011). "Co-operative signalling through DP(1) and DP(2) prostanoid receptors is required to enhance leukotriene C(4) synthesis induced by prostaglandin D(2) in eosinophils." Br J Pharmacol 162(8):1674-85.

LUNA-GOMES T, MAGALHÃES KG, MESQUITA-SANTOS FP, BAKKER-ABREU I, SAMICO RF, MOLINARO R, CALHEIROS AS, DIAZ BL, BOZZA PT, WELLER PF, BANDEIRA-MELO C (2011). "Eosinophils as a novel cell source of prostaglandin D2: autocrine role in allergic inflammation." J Immunol 187(12):6518-26.

Protease-activated receptor signaling in glioblastoma cells

Laboratory of Thrombosis and Cancer

Intracellular signaling pathways triggered by α-thrombin in human glioblastoma cell lines via protease-activated receptors 1 and 2 (PAR-1 and PAR-2, respectively).

XXIV Annual Reunion – Experimental Biology Societies Federation (Fesbe, 2009). Poster: MARIANO-OLIVEIRA A, OLIVEIRA AD, BAKKER-ABREU I, SCHARFSTEIN J, MONTEIRO RQ. "Human glioblastoma cell lines A172 and U87-MG express functional protease-activated recptors 1 and 2 (PAR-1 and PAR-2)".

Scientific writing

lipid body compartmentalization
Compartmentalization and organization of several structural and eicosanoid-forming proteins within lipid bodies.*

Lipid Bodies - Review paper

Significant contribution to a review paper on lipid bodies, also including the elaboration of images and tables, in collaboration with one of Brazil's most influential female scientists, Dr. Patrícia T. Bozza.
Note that the final version of the manuscript was not edited by me.

BOZZA PT, BAKKER-ABREU I, NAVARRO-XAVIER RA, BANDEIRA-MELO C (2011). "Lipid body function in eicosanoid synthesis: an update." Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 85(5):205-13. Review.

Degree Programs

Doctor in Sciences (D.Sc.) Degree / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

2006 - 2010, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The curriculum included multidisciplinary research work, scientific writing, active participation at congresses, specializing courses focused on health sciences, lecturing in the field of immunology, training students in laboratory research, and regular technical discussions. A doctoral thesis was elaborated and defended in Portuguese.

Diploma in Biology / University of Osnabrück

1999 - 2005, Osnabrück - Germany

The program addressed general subjects, such as mathematics and chemistry, as well as highly specialized modules covering a broad range of subjects, among which ethology, botany, physiology, microbiology, genetics and biophysics. Field trips to Namibia and France, among others, and practical courses were also included. Scientific writing and speech were continuously trained in both German and English. A final thesis was elaborated in the field of animal physiology in German.

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*Images are either personal pictures or part of my published work.

**Photographed and edited by Francisca Abreu.